Sale price$127.00
This is the perfect gift,
This card can be exchanged for a pair of shoes (19,030 yen including tax) from a Kobe shoe store.

If you have this card, you can buy shoes of your favorite product number, size, and color from KOBE YOKUTSUTEN.
You can order freely without paying the product price.

Would you like to have a gift for your loved ones?

【how to use】

①After you place your order, we will send you a PDF file (postcard size) for printing the gift certificate and a JPEG image for viewing on your smartphone to the email address you entered .

②Please send the printed gift certificate directly or send the image by e-mail etc. to the desired person .

③ "Gift number" is described in print and image data.
If you enter this in the "Coupon number" field when paying at the online shop, you will receive a discount for one pair of shoes (18,480 yen including tax + 550 yen shipping ).
Or show it to the salesperson at the store during the event.

[Caution] *Please read before ordering.

・Expiration date is six months from the date of issue.

・Gift numbers can only be used once.

・Items ordered with this gift card will normally take around 40 days to reach the person who made the order .

・Additional options are charged separately. In addition, when ordering items over 18,480 yen including tax, you will be asked to pay the difference.

・Some stores may not be available.
In that case, please try it on at the store and purchase it at the online shop.

・Our store does not have a fixed store, and we regularly hold events all over the country.
If you want to try it on, please check the event status on the website before purchasing.

・The price of the target product may change without notice.
If the price is changed before using the gift card, this can be used as a discount coupon for 18,480 yen.
You will have to pay for the shortfall.
Also, please note that even if the product price falls below the discount amount, the difference cannot be refunded.