-Our store features-

A shoe specialty store that handles everything from planning to manufacturing in Kobe, the city of shoes.
We mainly sell online, but
We also measure feet, try on shoes, and take orders at limited-time shops nationwide and fitting salons in Kobe.

There are more than 1,000 combinations of custom-made pumps that you can choose from a wide range of sizes and colors.
You can make the perfect pair for you with a simple order just by selecting each item.

We also offer ready-made products that can be made because we have faced many problems through custom-made pumps.
We will support you from your feet so that each customer can enjoy fashion in their own way.

-Shoe trouble consultation-

When you visit a limited-time shop or fitting salon,
In addition to measuring your foot size, we also offer advice on any concerns you may have about shoes.
In fact, many people do not know their true size or misunderstand and choose shoes.
By knowing the correct information,
We will help you choose all shoes, not just our shoes.

In addition, we also send information on SNS and support DM and official LINE consultations, so please make use of them.

-Characteristics of custom-made pumps-





-Order flow-

① Measure your feet yourself. Or measure and try on at the store.

Basically, please measure your feet and compare it with the size chart.
However, since everyone's feet are different, we recommend that you try them on at a limited-time shop or fitting salon when you purchase them for the first time.
Our professional staff will suggest a pair that suits you.

How to measure your feet yourself

Nationwide limited-time shops

Fitting salon where you can make a reservation at any time


② After choosing a design, select size (left and right) / width (left and right) / color / options and place an order.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about size, color, or design.

List of custom-made pumps

3. Once the order is placed, the handmade pumps will be delivered to you in about 40 to 50 days.

Leather shoes are stiff at first, and well-fitting shoes feel cramped.
Let your feet get used to it before you go out.

Check and adjust the comfort by trying on

④ If the size does not fit, you can exchange it.
If you buy online, you may not always get the right size. In such a case, please apply for a size exchange.
If you can consult with us in advance, we will suggest how to change the size.

About returns and exchanges

Application for size exchange


-Features of ready-made products-

Combining comfort and beauty, our products are carefully designed based on customer consultations and order data for custom-made products.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns regarding the purchase of ready-made products.
This item can be returned or exchanged only if it has not been worn outdoors.

We will provide a reliable service so that you can enjoy the comfortable comfort and beauty that only KOBE YOKUTSUTEN can offer.