Protect J1 35ml
Protect J1 35ml
Protect J1 35ml
Protect J1 35ml


Protect J1 35ml

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About 70 uses

It is a cream that prevents blisters and blisters by covering the skin with a cream that contains protective film ingredients, and is comfortable to use without stickiness or odor. Once applied, the effect lasts for 7-8 hours.

[Recommended for people like this]

1 You may get blisters

It is effective in preventing blisters on your feet because it prevents rubbing due to friction.

It is also used to prevent chafing in sports such as marathons, triathlons, bicycles, and free climbing, where friction is repeated due to long and intense movements.

2 I sometimes wear shoes with bare feet

By coating the skin, dirt and odors do not soak into the skin and are easy to remove. It is also recommended when wearing shoes with bare feet.

[About safety]

Human skin primary irritation test has been conducted at the testing institution "Faith Survey Cosmetic Dermatology Center" and safety has been verified.

In addition, "Japan Food Research Laboratories" conducted an "acute oral toxicity test using female mice" and determined "no abnormality", so there is no problem even if it is ingested.

How to use: Rub the cream onto the affected area and let it dry.