Are pumps painful and uncomfortable shoes?

At least I felt the charm of "I still want to wear it!"

Wearing heels makes me feel more tense and fired up, my balance improves, and I can wear clothes that didn't suit me well.

So I made 9cm heel pumps first.

The pumps, which have been improved many times with a focus on comfort, have been very well received, and I realize that there are many people who want to wear pumps if they do not hurt.

With momentum, they continued to develop and now operate the original pumps specialty store "Kobe Yoshokuten".

This page is a collection of stories about pumps and photos of various people who have worn pumps with the city of Kobe in the background.
I created this book not only for those who like pumps, but also for those who are reluctant to wear pumps, and those who have given up on wearing them.

Kobe Western shoes store representative Yuka Sasakura

"Pumps for the first time in 70 years"

Setsuko (representative Sasakura's grandmother)

If you try wearing pumps, it will be fashionable and make you feel so good.
When I was young, I couldn't wear pumps because of the war.

When I was in my twenties, the first pair of pumps made to fit my feet was painful, so I threw them away when I went out.
I haven't even tried to wear them since, but I'm happy to be able to walk side by side with my grandkids now, feeling like I'm back in my teens again.

"Small in stature and legs"


I want to wear heels over 9cm because I'm short!
But my feet are small, so I can't find the pumps that fit because I can't take them off.

Moreover, since I work standing up, I want it to be comfortable to walk in, and since most of my clothes are monotone, I want to change my shoes with bright colors.

Kobe Yoshoten's 9cm heel pumps don't get tired after walking for a long time, and I'm happy that there are many colors and sizes to choose from!

(Thank you for putting in a solid advertisement!!!!!)

"Wearing each other's shoes"

Naoko (left in photo)

Both parents and children have similar tastes and usually go out wearing each other's shoes.

I've always liked pumps, so I have nothing but good memories!
I choose it according to the one point color of the clothes of the day.

Mr. Sera (photo right)

Since there is a rule that I wear pumps at my part-time job at the ceremony, I usually wear high heels to get used to it.

I often wear loose-fitting tops, so it's good to keep my feet clean.

When I was in junior high and high school, I thought, "I can wear heels = I'm mature."

"Heels were prohibited"


In the past, for some reason my mother forbade me to wear heels.
I wonder if he didn't want me to look like a child.

But the kids around me started wearing them, so I kept quietly wearing them, but...

Now that I'm an adult, I can proudly say that I love fashion as much as I want!

My mother seems to have forgotten that she forbids it.

"KOBE Pumps Chat" shooting model recruitment

If you are interested in fashion and are willing to participate in the shooting in Kobe, no experience is required.
Please tell us about the pumps so that we can post them together with the photos.
For those who cooperate, we will present a pair of our pumps.
Please contact us for application.